Oromia: More than 500 Dead after Security Forces Fire into Crowd

(Irreechaa,  4 October 2016) In response to actions by Ethiopian security forces leading to the death of more than 500 people attending the Irreechaa religious and cultural celebration in the Bishoftu town in Oromia on October 2.

The deaths in Bishoftu occurred because security forces fired tear gas and live ammunition at a crowd of over a million people celebrating a religious occasion.

In Irreechaa women dress in white garment and hold stick with green grass to symbolize Peace and prosperity. It is really aching to see when the Tigray Military regime confront these peace loving people with gun simply because they are being Oromo. It is painful and agonizing when their white cultural dress soaked with blood.

The Quest of Balance 

Let’s not forget Tigrain when they invaded us from North, their only mission is to take our land and life. Their goal is to exterminate us and enrich their generation at the expense of our precious children. When we face them at least the level of our struggle should be balanced with them. To make it balance our struggle with the Tigray military regime, let’s work on our deficiency.

Human rights organisations urge the government of Ethiopia should allow a truly independent body to investigate the tragedy at Bishoftu as well as security forces’ well-documented record of using excessive force against peaceful gatherings.


Irreechaa is an annual holiday for giving thanks, celebrated by the Oromo, Ethiopia’s  largest people. While firm numbers remain unavailable, eyewitnesses say that the total number of deaths on October 2 may exceed 500.


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