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Irreecha festival celebrated in Bishoftu

(Irreechaa2017; October 1, 2017)– Millions of people across the country have celebrated the Irreechaa festival peacefully and colorfully in Hora Harsadi, Bishoftu, Oromia.


In Oromia, this year’s Irreecha festival brought peaceful but powerful protest as the Oromo people marked the anniversary of last year’s massacre at Bishoftu.

More than 1.5 million people were expected to attend the annual thanksgiving celebration.

“May the almighty avenge those that are killing our people,” said the traditional Oromo Gadaa leader as he delivered a blessing. “May the almighty avenge those who killed our people here last year. May the almighty avenge the unavenged. May the almighty end our national ordeals.”

Irreecha is an Oromo Thanksgiving festival which is celebrated twice a year; Irreecha Malkaa and Irreecha Tulluu.

Millions of people, Oromo Abba Gada’s, and tourists from different countries have attended the event.

Peaceful memorial

This year Oromo hold peaceful memorial at Irreecha festival.

MormiiDespite the rainy skies, they came; once there, the crowds chanted anti-government slogans with the now-familiar crossed arms symbol of protest against Ethiopian authorities they say have long persecuted them – and who, in 2016, opened fire as the scene at Bishoftu deteriorated into chaos.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission denied the military used lethal force in an official report on unrest in Oromia released in April.

The EHRC said 669 people had died in ethnic clashes overall, including 465 Oromo civilians, while blaming the Oromo Media Network (OMN), other diaspora sources, and Oromo political opposition groups for escalating the crisis while defending all national security measures as appropriate.

The report results were questioned by international governments and human rights organizations who say they are consistently denied the access needed for an independent investigation. Many of the thousands who were arrested during a 10-month state of emergency remain detained, including key Oromo political opposition leaders.

Security remained tight for this year’s Irreecha celebration, as Ethiopian authorities banned weapons and set up security checkpoints while promising that armed forces would remain on the perimeter of the event but not venture inside.


የኢሬቻ በዓል ምንም ዓይነት ጉዳትና ግጭት ሳያስተናግድ በሰላም ተጠናቋል

(ኢሬቻ፣ጥቅምት 1, 2017) የኢሬቻ በዓል ምንም ዓይነት ግጭት ሳይከሰት በሰላም መጠናቀቁን የኦሮሞ አባገዳዎች ኅብረት አስታወቀ። በቢሾፍቱ ከተማ ሆራ አርሰዲ በየዓመቱ የሚከበረው የኢሬቻ በዓል ዛሬም በተለየ ድምቀት ተከብሯል።

የበዓሉ ታዳሚዎች የልምላሜ ምልክት የሆነውን እርጥብ ቄጤማና አበባ ይዘው ወደ ሐይቁ  በመውረድ ነው አምላካቸውን በማመስገን በዓሉን ያከበሩት።

በበዓሉ ላይ ስድስት ሚሊዮን ህዝብ ይታደማል ተብሎ ቢጠብቅም  የተገኘው ህዝብ  ከሰባት ሚሊዮን በላይ የሚገመት መሆኑ ልዩ ስሜት ፈጥሮባቸዋል፡፡

“ይህ ሁሉ ህዝብ በአንድ ላይ በዓሉን አክብሮ ምንም ዓይነት ግጭትና የአካል ጉዳት ሳይደርስ መለያየቱ ትልቅ ስኬት” መሆኑን ገልጸው  ኅብረተሰቡ ላደረገው ትብብር ምስጋና አቅርበዋል፡፡

የሰላም አስከባሪ ወጣቶች አስተባባሪ ወጣት ለማ ገመቹ በበኩሉ  ወጣቶች በዓሉ በሰላም እንዲካሄድ  የተሰጣቸውን ተልዕኮ በስኬት ማጠናቀቃቸውን ገልጿል።

የህዝቡን ሰላምና ደህንነት ለማስከበር የተሰጣቸው ሃላፊነት ትልቅ መሆኑን የተናገረው ወጣቱ፤ “ለተሳታፊ ወጣቶች ቀጣይ ስራ ጥሩ ልምድ ይሆናቸዋል” ብሏል።

ከተለያዩ የአገሪቱ ክፍሎች የተገኙና በባህላዊ አልባሳት ያሸበረቁ አባ ገዳዎች፣ ወጣቶች፣ የተለያዩ የህብርተሰብ ክፍሎች ከሌሊቱ 11:00 ሰዓት ጀምሮ እሬፈና ወይም የምስጋና ስርዓት በማድረስ በሰላም ተመልሰዋል።